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fiio m6 review

When the Apple iPhone 7 canceled 3.
The 5mm headphone jack is understandable to be upset.
Of course, you can choose to buy any other smartphone, but start with one of the biggest trends --
The leader of this industry is a sign of the future.
This has also led to a revival of the personal audio player concept, re-focusing on sound quality. Today, high-
The resolution audio player is popular again.
Use wired headphones with good numbers
Analog Converter (DAC)
Many people still think this is the best way to listen to music on the go, and an important part of this setup is the source device.
Today, we are reviewing a product that hopes to replace smartphones as the primary source of musicthe Fiio M6. Priced at Rs.
14,999, Fiio M6 costs more than a lot of very good smartphones, but its hardware is for a key purpose.
How it works, and whether it will have a positive impact on the portable audio experience that we look at to understand.
Ideally, the portable media player should be small because people assume you will use it next to your smartphone.
Fiio M6 does have a size advantage and can be easily placed in the palm of your hand.
It is easy to store in a pocket or backpack, and even small hands can easily access all the controls.
The frame of Fiio M6 is metal with tempered glass on the back.
There are 3 on top of M6.
5mm jack and power button, three play/pause buttons on the left, volume up and volume down, an open slot for a microSD card on the right and a USB type on the bottom-
C port for charging, data transfer and usb dac functions.
The front is a 3. 2-inch 480x800-
Pixel touch screen with an LED indicator light on it.
The device runs on Android-based custom firmware and the UI is simplified to focus on music playback.
You can get the main Fiio music app as well as other apps for file management, gallery and settings.
Four applications for music streaming services are pre-installed —
KKBox, Moov, NetEase Music and tide-
You can uninstall them if you don\'t need them.
None of these services are officially available in India, so you may want them not to get in the way of you.
Maybe the only real problem with the interface is that it looks a bit crowded and has a bad layout.
In addition, some popular music apps and streaming services including Spotify, Deezer and ES File browser have been whitelisted and can be used as additional services
Load to the device if you intend to use them. The M6 is Wi-
The Fi is enabled, so it can be used to stream music from compatible applications.
Apps like tide
Focus on high
Streaming music
For having a subscription and wanting to access high-
Solve audio content through the Internet.
Fiio M6 has a 1,200 battery and although there is no adapter in the box, it can be fully charged in about 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 10 w charger.
In our test, Fiio M6, as a stand-alone player, was running in full for about 11 hours in a mixed-use manner, which is decent.
During the use of the device, we use it with wired and wireless headsets as a usb dac and Bluetooth receiver.
For such a small device, Fiio M6 is packaged in some impressive hardware.
The device is powered by the Samsung Exynos 7270 processor and the ESS Sabre 9018Q2C digital-
Analog Converter. This 32-
Bit DAC is usually used for home theater receivers, Blu-
There are Ray players and digital audio workstations, among other applications.
There is also a Bluetooth connection on the device that supports AptX, AptX HD, and LDAC codecs.
Interestingly, Fiio M6 is also compatible with AirPlay, which allows you to use it as a wireless DAC with an iOS device.
So you can wirelessly send the audio to Fiio M6 using the AirPlay protocol on your iPhone or iPad, and then Fiio M6 will use its DAC to convert the signal from the Wired headset to an analog signal.
This is a very special feature, but it may be a handy feature for some people.
Again, you can use Bluetooth to connect to any compatible device such as a smartphone or computer and have Fiio M6 act as a Bluetooth receiver to take over the work of the DAC.
This is a powerful device that can work in multiple use cases, although it works best as a standalone audio player.
Speaking of its ability as a stand-alone audio player, Fiio M6 provides support for a wide range of audio formats, including standard loss formats and high audio formats
Resolution and lossless file format.
This includes ISO, DSD, DSF, DFF, APE, WAV, FLAC, M4A, WMA, ALAC, MP3 and more.
2 GB built into the device
In storage, memory expansion is supported with a single microSD slot, up to 2 tb of theory.
Interestingly, audio output via USB is also supported, M6 is listed as working with external dac but not with any USB type DACs
C headphones we tried.
Fiio M6 can do a lot of things, including playing audio tracks directly from the device using a wired headset or Bluetooth, using it as a DAC, streaming audio using compatible applications, and use it as a Bluetooth receiver for wired headphones.
We tried all of these features during the testing process, but the focus is on the most important features --
Play audio directly with a wired headset and use Fiio M6 as a usb dac.
We use the momentum of senheiser.
Our test uses Fiio M6 headphones and 1 triple drive headset.
We use a variety of file formats including DSD, FLAC, M4A, and mp3.
We started using the device as a stand-alone audio player with tracks stored on microSD cards.
Fiio M6, starting with the Sennheiser Momentum headset and the Tango series of the DSD version of Astor Piazzola, plays a role in producing vivid, detailed and enjoyable sounds.
Of course, much of the credit for sound quality is due to headphones, which we use a pair of headphones that are highly rated for their performance.
At the beginning of the track, the bass violin feels real, and its intention is to be soft and aggressive, providing some shock force and bass
End the performance.
The various tools and elements on the track feel different, and what is particularly interesting is how the volume of each element is different.
A jazz band version of Sting walks on the Moon (an M4A file)
It was great to hear the muffled tones and purrs
The end of the saxophone and drum, although the guitar elements are softer, is different.
The ESS Sabre DAC can be attributed in large part to the excellent separation, timbre and vivacity of sound.
Switch to 1 3-in-1 driver headset and Mylo in My Arms (FLAC format)
, Louder, but Fiio M6 again demonstrates its ability to keep up with track speed while continuing to provide open, good
Separate, clean output.
Loyal to the essence of the headset, the sound is balanced with the details of the treble and mid-tone, while maintaining a tight bassend.
Fiio M6 turns out to be very neutral in the output, allowing the headset to decide the sound feature.
We use Fiio M6 as a usb dac with Apple MacBook Air and the process is very simple.
After inserting, you simply switch the input from storage to usb dac through the quick settings menu (
Pull down from top)
On Fiio M6, switch the sound output to M6 in your computer\'s audio settings if needed.
While this does have an impact on audio quality, it doesn\'t matter for Apple Music or for tracks in compressed MP3 files.
However, no matter what audio is played, Fiio makes a big difference in volume.
The sound is louder and maintains its quality even at a very high volume.
When playing high sound, there is a big difference in sound quality
Resolution Audio files because Fiio\'s DAC is best used.
M6 combines the ability to speak loudly and has greatly improved the listening experience.
Gotye\'s latest status on Sennheiser Momentum headphones is well handled and Fiio M6 does not slow down at any time because of the speed and busy of the track.
We also tested Fiio M6 with Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth receiver.
AptX HD and LDAC compatibility are useful features in the previous case and also make the device a good wireless source.
However, we have not found any real improvements to the performance of smartphones such as OnePlus 6 t (Review)
In fact, this is not what Fiio M6 should be used primarily.
In the latter case, M6 is limited by the function of the source device
In most cases, it relies on the SBC stream, which affects the sound quality and offsets the positive impact of the DAC on the sound.
As with compressed audio files, the ability to increase the volume is the only real impact it has.
Headphones are the most important part of any portable audio setup, and your choice here can make your listening experience better.
However, this does not mean the importance of the source device and DAC;
Using the right device can help your headphones work best.
That\'s what Fiio M6 did.
It provides a solid analog signal so your headphones can play their magic.
In terms of its price, the device does a good job when paired with headphones of the same quality.
The sound is on.
Separate and detail while leaving the sound signature to the headset for setup.
While additional Bluetooth features may come in handy for a lot of people, Fiio M6 is best suited as a stand-alone audio player and usb dac with wired headphones.
For anyone who wants to start the road to enthusiasts, this is a great beginner device, and even a great upgrade for flagship products --
No matter if there is a headphone jack. Price (MRP): Rs.
14,990 ProsConsRatings (out of 5)
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