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replacing broken screen glass

Repairing broken glass can be a very expensive project.
Finding a dealer who will replace the glass is not a problem, but the price they charge is really too much for work and spare parts.
Here\'s how to do the job on your own and make it cost only a fraction of the price, which can be done mainly in 15 minutes.
It was my wife\'s Nokia Lumia 625 that was used to demonstrate the phone.
This screen breaks easily.
My 3 year old son dropped it on the floor from about 30 cm and it cracked.
The main reason for this is that the glass has crossed the plastic edge of the phone, so there is nothing to protect the glass.
The first thing.
Where can I get a replacement glass for my phone?
Replace the screen here in Finland (with work done)
The price is 144 euros and the price of glass is 44 euros.
Well, it\'s not cheap compared to the price of mobile phones (
About 195 euros when you buy it).
Well, I think it\'s time to see what eBay can offer. . I found it. . .
The same glass is sold here for € 44 on eBay € 9, which is cheap.
When ordering a replacement, just make sure it is the exact same part. Okay.
Now we have spare glass.
There are not many tools you need.
You need a screwdriver (
One of the ordered glass is free! ! )
There is also a plastic playing card of 100% or something.
The screwdriver is not the only free item in the box.
And the blue plastic cover.
I don\'t remember the name of it, but it was used for disassembly of plastic parts because it didn\'t leave any trace.
In this case, it is very easy to take apart the phone.
Just remove the back plate and remove the screws.
Then pry open the phone with a plastic cover.
Search for a small \"hole\" on the side and push the flaps there.
It will crack.
Then remove the battery and the touch screen cable.
Remember the position of the cable to remove the glass easily.
Mainly at the top of the phone.
This is the hardest part.
It\'s wrong to do this and you will never see photos on your phone.
If you have a TFT or LCD screen in your phone, the risk is not great.
But be very careful if your phone has AMOLED or any other type of LED display.
If the LED display is touched with any force, it will brake.
The glass is attached to the phone from the side of the screen with two side tape.
Remove this and the screen will fall out.
Plastic playing cards can be used to remove the tape and separate the glass from the phone.
Yes, you heard it wrong.
Playing cards are thin enough to fit between the phone and the glass, and hard enough to cut off the tape inside.
First insert the card into the lower right corner of the phone and then start pushing the card into the inside of the phone.
This is the safest way when you have a corner where you are free to put the playing cards aside and start swinging it.
Try to go up when you feel the tape is giving up.
I used only one playing card to remove the glass and it was nice not to reach a few spare ones. Well done!
The screen is now off and the phone is waiting for a new screen.
Remove as much of the old tape from the side of the phone as possible so that the new glass can be neatly placed on the phone.
First remove the inner protective film from the glass.
Keep in mind that removing it will also remove the film from the adhesive tape of the new glass.
Before pressing the glass on the phone, pass the glass touch screen cable through the phone.
Put the cable in the right position and plug the battery into the phone (
Batteries in Nokia phones).
Test if the phone still works.
Assembling a mobile phone is the opposite as before.
Put the screws back, hope the best.
The phone works fine, the glass is smooth, and most importantly, the touch screen is like a charm.
All of this is the price of 9 euros.
All comments are welcome and remember to follow me if you like my post!
New projects are coming soon. . .
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